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Friday, June 20, 2008


Today at school, one of my students was supposed to be drawing a picture inspired by the song that they're singing for the music festival, so he google imaged the title (without permission, I didn't notice because I was helping another student), to try to get some inspiration.

Next thing I know, he pipes up with: "Miss Mysurname, there's a picture of YOU on here!"

Yes, that's right. A Google Spider had picked up the fact that I'd named that song in this blog, and had displayed my profile picture as a result for the name of the song.

CRAP. Excuse my language, but CRAP!

Luckily he didn't click on the image and see the blog. I closed the window and explained to the students that I had mentioned the song on a site I belonged to and that it had picked up my profile picture. And then I went STRAIGHT to my computer and edited out the name of the song from that post. And right after I post this I'm going to go and change my profile picture to an avatar.


I can only be extremely grateful that it's one of my good, solid, trustworthy boys that stumbled on it. I can be pretty sure that he won't go back looking for it, and if he does, he is intelligent enough to realise that reading his teacher's private blog is NOT A GOOD THING.

*wanders off to de-photo and shake her head over the world's transparency . . . *


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