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Sunday, January 13, 2008

My car . . .

. . . is definitely developing a personality. And any definition of that personality must start with the word “temperamental”.

It drives fine, but starting it can be a real pain, and is usually a conjuring trick involving the judicious balancing of the choke, the accelerator and the turning of the key. The windscreen wiper lever falls out occasionally (while still managing to operate the windscreen wipers effectively!) and the water squirter doesn’t work. And the headlights turn on with a smooth turning of the switch rather than a clicking around of the switch, meaning that they’re extremely easy to knock into the ‘on’ position. My stepdad had to jump-start me this afternoon because I’d done just that and unknowingly left them that way for two hours. I spent part of this afternoon painting a bright yellow stripe on the part of the switch that is visible when the headlights are on, so that I KNOW if they’re on.

But . . . it runs, and it’s my car, and I like it anyway! No name yet.

Oh, and a rant . . . it’s the second week of January, yes? Easter is twelve, count them, twelve weeks away. So why, in the name of all that’s holy, are there Easter Eggs in the supermarket?

It’s like the supermarkets are run by people who are sitting there thinking “ZOMG teh sh0pperz is alll excitted aftr xmas an teh cant deel wit nuthin exciting fo months an months! HALP! We mus do s0methng! Kwik! Getz us sum Easter Eggz!!!!11!!!!11!”

*rolls eyes*

Easter Eggs are for Easter . . . right? It's not like the supermarket is exactly lacking in a hundred forms of chocolate at any other time, either!


Aw, they skipped right past the 'pink roses, hearts, glitter and fluffy animals' theme of Valentine's?

At least Easter eggs feature more than one color :).
Ditto for Ivayla. I am SICK of V Day stuff all over the place.

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